August 14

What Is The Difference Between Email Delivery and Email Deliverability?

August 14, 2020

Today we’re going to be talking about the difference between email delivery and email deliverability. These are two different things, and they come from two different places.

First: Delivery

When your Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) server talks to, say, the Gmail server, the IP address or reputation of your ESP will determine whether your email will either be accepted or it will be refused. By the way, that rarely happens these days. I mean, you have to be in a pretty bad place to just be getting blocked outright.

Let’s say you’re not in that bad of shape (but if you are, we definitely need to talk!) and your email is accepted.

Now, depending on the IP address reputation of your ESP (your email platform) delivery occurs. Gmail or any other receiving ESP is going to make a decision whether it goes to the spam folder or your primary folder in Gmail. It could also possibly go to the promotions tab in Gmail.

Ideally, you want as much of your mail as possible delivered to the actual Inbox (or Primary Tab) in Gmail. But, at least you’re getting delivered.

Second: Email Deliverability

This is what occurs second. And this occurs more at Gmail than anything else. Gmail made huge advances in machine learning in the last two or three years and have build up far more data. In short, they know a lot about you.

They know a lot about what people think is spam, and the machines are starting to actually run the place. It’s not so much human based code anymore. So you’re talking to machines and they are going looking at the reputation of your own from address domain, depending on how you have your ESP configured.

They’ll be looking at your subject line and they’ll be looking at your body copy. And I’m seeing, through my own latest AI delivery software, that body copy is quite a bit deprecated. But again, it’s new data. I can’t say for sure yet, and that’s a question yet to be definitively answered in the “mad scientists lab.”

Deliverability. That’s what you do. And the good news here is you have complete control of this. It’s not your ESP. You can do a lot of things to get yourself out of the Promotion Tab and to the Primary Tab. I’m going to be talking more about email delivery and deliverability and how Gmail works in upcoming articles and interviews.

That’s why you want to stick around and get notified when I release my tips and updates so you’ll know first, and cam make adjustments in your email protocols that will immediately affect your bottom line!

Start by running my Deliverability Calculator to find out how much mail you’re actually getting to the Inbox, and how much profit you can recover from spam and the Promotion Tab.

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