August 6

What Is DMARC and Why is it SO important to Email Marketers?

August 6, 2020

From a marketers viewpoint, DMARC is: Your own private spam filter for your from address domain. (The domain you send your email from.) When set up correctly your DMARC is of High Value to the email platforms you send email to and a big indicator of quality, as well, for your domain.

Why is having a DMARC policy an email deliverability positive indicator?

As of the start of 2020, ONLY one million domains — 933,973 to be exact — have published DMARC records.

Worse yet, data from Valimail shows that only 121,416 of those DMARC records enforce a secure policy to protect their domain.

When properly configured, DMARC prevents spoofing and email attacks on your domain. At this point, industry standard data tells us: These spammers just move onto less secure targets; As in domains without DMARC protection.

DMARC allows you to tell the big 4, Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo / AOL (now administered by Verizon Media), that if the email is not from your domain, to send spoofed email to spam, or outright reject it and not deliver the email at all.

DMARC also tells receiving Mailbox providers, Cable companies, and ISPs to send you a report as to the state of your DMARC policy.

A number of deliverability consultants set up poor quality DMARC records, thinking that just having a record is of some value to your Deliverability and the big 4. This is simply not true.

And in fact, it would be better to not have a DMARC record at all than to have a poor quality one.

Most often you get bad advice to just set up a incomplete DMARC record in your DNS, that sends the DMARC reports to some Inbox of yours.

DMARC reports arrive as a zip file and are in machine readable code based on XML. This is absolutely useless to you as a marketer, and totally indecipherable to me, a Postmaster and Email Delivery Agency. Bottom line: 99% of humans simply cannot not make heads nor tails of DMARC machine readable data.

But here is the gem in DMARC you don’t know yet…

DMARC lets you spy on all the applications that send email for you and ISPs that receive email from you. But this takes a real DMARC reporting tool, or compiler, as I call such an application.

However such tools start at $500 a month and of them, DMARCIAN is the best.

But the really good news is I have a best of breed tool available to us, and you won’t have to lift a finger once we get it in place for you, and configured properly.

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