September 23

What Is An Email Deliverability Consultant?


September 23, 2020

They are rare experts in the art of “getting it to the inbox.” 

An email deliverability consultant knows value of getting more emails delivered to the inbox, where they are seen and opened. Millions in profits are lost daily to the Gmail Promotions Tab.

Take a company doing $100,000 in sales that does not carefully monitor delivery and deliverability. They could easily be losing another $100,000 to spam or the Promotions Tab.

Why the focus on Gmail? 

Because today the number of subscribers on your list can be up to 70% Gmail users!

If your subscribers’ emails are going to the promotions or updates tabs instead of the primary tab, that’s a significant amount of lost engagement and sales.

All the ESP’s have aggressive filters that change regularly. And they all aggressively judge your emails before they’ll ever let your them land in their users’ inboxes.

How rare are the real deal email deliverability consultants?

rare deliverability expert

First, there are two kinds of email deliverability consultant:

  1. People who have read up on best practices by following people like me. The unwashed masses who heard there was money to be made helping people think that they’re improving deliverability. They know enough to parrot good-sounding advice, but they don’t know why they are giving it to you.
  2. And then there are people like me who monitor millions of monthly emails and who have confidently set the standards for those best practices.

People in category 1 will never tell you they are anything less than a genuine, obsessed email delivery guru. They want your business!

People in category 2 are the real deal, and there are very few of them by comparison. As rare as running into a Unicorn in a magical realm of woodland creatures.

Email deliverability consultants have large email volume clients and can spot trends in how ESPs are sorting your emails.

You need to see a lot of data to spot the trends.

And you can’t fix a deliverability problem that you don’t monitor.

Things change fast when someone at Gmail or another provider gets the urge to tweak their filter algorithm.

search algorithm

If you’re not monitoring for these changes and adjusting accordingly, you literally have no idea what percentage of your mails are getting to the inbox.

All you can measure is what most marketers measure: opens and clicks. One eye shut and the other half closed.

On average, where Gmail is concerned, around 50% of your mails are going to promotions, updates, or spam. 

Which means, you are likely to double your monthly revenue when you fix your deliverability problem!

Without getting any new subscribers. Without tweaking your funnel, copy, or products. None of that hard stuff!

That’s why people in the know, know how to find an email deliverability consultant to help them get email delivered to the inbox.

It’s the easiest and fastest fix an emailer can make to drive up profits without doing hard things that take a ton of time.

How to find the right email deliverability consultant…

email deliverability questions

When you are talking to a prospective email delivery expert, they should be asking you very specific questions.

If they aren’t talking about DKIM, DMARC, domain reputation, content quality, or proper mailing frequency, they are amateurs.

Of course, what they say about those things is important too. Beware of parrots!

A deliverability consultant will ask you for your mailing domain and your subscriber form URL. And then they use expensive databases and software to sleuth your situation and get back to you with a number.

Hint: You should be a little freaked out about what they know about your list when they report back!

That number is your likely increase in profits month over month if you get your deliverability sorted out.

Anyone who cannot do this for you free of charge, quickly, and with demonstrated ability with prior clients is a poseur. 

Hopefully you will now go into the next meeting with a deliverability consultant able to spot the Unicorn. You’ll quickly see how much they will be able to help rescue your lost profits from ever-changing email service provider filters.

If you want to practice to see how well you do at picking a winner for your company, feel free to schedule a call with me. I’ll be happy to run those tests and tell you just what you stand to gain by fixing your deliverability problems.

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