February 13

The Key To Successful Email Marketing In 2021 On Project Ignite Podcast


February 13, 2021

Chris is interviewed by Derek Gehl, host of Project Ignite Podcast, about the key to successful email marketing in 2021.

About This Episode

Email marketers listen up! A few will win big with their email marketing in 2021. Most will lose engagement and bleed profits from low deliverability this year. Find out how to get most of your emails to the inbox and increase your profits without adding a single new subscriber to your email list.

If your emails are ending up in the Spam or Promotions Tab, you can have the best offer in the world and it won't matter. Discover the hidden profit opportunity in your business that almost everyone misses: increasing email deliverability.

Topics Covered

  • One thing you can do to increase your email deliverability 
  • Whether or not your email service provider matters to your deliverability
  • How often you should email to keep your domain reputation high

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Find Out How Much Of Your List Is Going To Promotions or Spam!