Mari Smith's Email Deliverability "Way, Way Up!"




Dean Graziosi


Chris is an email magician. There really isn’t a better way to describe him.

He truly obsesses on how to take your deliverability and 10x it. Before our team met Chris, we were having absolutely no luck increasing our inbox rates. Now, our emails are getting opens like never before! My team loves working with him, and our bottom line thanks him. If you have the chance to work with Chris or use his software, I highly recommend it.


Matt Trainer

The Trainer Method

Thank you Chris for all you do. You saved our email business.

I've been a large volume mailer for over a decade. THE BIGGEST problem we've had with delivery is keeping our lists clean from spam traps and all the other "gotchas" in list hygiene. I've tested every list cleaning solution I could find. Every service I found left me without a real long term, infinitely-scalable solution.

Chris and the Klean13 team have changed the game. They created a real solution that just works. It made my lists A LOT smaller than my ego wanted, but at least I know the lists I have now are clean and not an anchor on our inboxing.


Chris Brewer

DotCom Secrets Local

There are about three people that I would use the word "genius" to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals...

In the internet marketing space there are many smart people. I've had the pleasure of working with and conversing with some of the greats in our industry. In all of my conversations and interactions there are about three people that I would use the word "genius" to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals."

"Chris constantly astounds and amazes me with his insights and depth of technical understanding of email marketing and organic search optimization. I have recommended Chris to several A-listers in our industry and they've always thanked me for referring Chris.

Jack Humphrey

Inbound Marketing Consultant

"All of my biggest clients use Chris..."

"...they have to. I won't work on their marketing campaigns until they've cleaned their lists and are getting their emails to the Primary tab in Gmail."

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