March 29

The Importance of Email Whitelisting in 2021


March 29, 2021

In this article you are going to learn a tactic that I use with my clients that will increase engagement with your subscribers, improves deliverability, and nets higher profits without adding a single subscriber to your list!

In recent years, the process of reliably getting email to your subscribers' inboxes has changed. Today, everyone knows that if you don't whitelist the emails that you want to see in your inbox, you can spend time searching for emails in promotions and updates tabs instead. 

Your subscribers have the same problems seeing important emails as you do. 

Note: Just because your list emails are coming to your inbox doesn't mean the same is true for your subscribers!

This is why so many professional email marketers use a two-step whitelisting process to ensure their subscribers are seeing their emails...

email whitelist generator

Pro Email Whitelist Step 1

Remind your subscribers to whitelist (or add your email to their contacts) in your welcome email.

Here's a sample welcome email doing just that:

Hi [first_name]!

Chris here! Thank you for subscribing to Whitelist Generator Tips!

You've found the #1 ranking whitelist generator page for the past 10 years. In order to make absolutely sure that you are receiving your email marketing tactics news in your inbox, please:

Gmail Desktop: Drag my latest email to the Primary Tab in Gmail and tell it to always do so.

iPhone and iPad's default Mac Mail App: Mark as Not Spam

Doing this ensures that you are going to see my emails and get all the valuable email marketing advice you've requested. 

Need Help? Use these instructions for your email service provider.

Now you'll get my emails past all the overzealous filters your email provider might be using.

Thanks again for signing up and I look forward to bringing you the very best practices in email marketing to boost your profitability!


Chris Lang, Founder, InboxLeader

Pro Email Whitelist Step 2

Step 2 for getting more of your emails to your subscribers' inboxes is actually part of the welcome letter above. It is the instructions for how to whitelist on all kinds of email service providers that you want to put on your website.

The example above is something you can generate for your website in a couple minutes with my free Whitelist Generator.

Question: Will using whitelist instructions break my funnel?

Answer: Not using it will break your funnel! First you want to make sure you use language like the example email above in your welcome email. That doesn't break your funnel. What does break funnels is poor email deliverability.

Since most people never buy from you on first engagement, it is your

email followup that is the workhorse of your funnel!

And if they aren't getting your emails, that means you have a broken funnel.

Most funnel systems teach you everything but email deliverability. And poor deliverability results are showing that most email marketers aren't paying enough attention to this issue. Which means bad deliverability and less profits simply because people aren't getting your emails in their main inbox.

Simply including a link in your welcome email to instructions on how to whitelist on all major ESPs won't break your funnel, either. You can get right back to business without skipping a beat PLUS ensure that far more of your subscribers are seeing your emails.

(Which is going to make you a lot more sales!)

Here's the final big bonus from whitelisting that most "experts" don't tell you about:

When you increase your engagement with subscribers in Gmail, in particular, Gmail will even begin delivering more of your emails to the Inbox regardless of whether individual subscribers did the whitelisting process or not!

You see, Google watches your engagement and assigns a reputation score of it's own to your mailing domain. If it sees tons of people whitelisting your sending email, leading to measurable engagement, Google knows you are doing right by your audience and will let more of your mail through whether some people whitelist you or not!

Whitelisting Recap

  1. Edit your welcome email to include instructions like the sample email above in Step 1.
  2.  Use my free Whitelist Generator to make a branded version for your own site to link to in your new welcome email.

What To Expect

Soon after a number of new subscribers begin whitelisting your sending domain, you will be getting more measurable improvements to your engagement and sales. But you will also start seeing more activity from older emails as your sender reputation improves due to the higher engagement and whitelisting of the new subscribers!

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