"I've recovered millions of dollars in lost profits for A-List clients and built industry-leading email deliverability monitoring software that gets more email to the Inbox than any of my competitors, hands down." ~Chris Lang

I’ve been a tad obsessed with email delivery since 2007.

There’s no other way to explain dreaming about email delivery reports. I’m the Chief Technology Officer of Send13.com, responsible for inboxing literally millions of emails every month for my clients. For me, email delivery isn’t a hobby. It’s my passion.

I will work with marketing teams and become their newest most valuable team member. And I’ll bring my decades of email marketing experience, exclusive deliverability AI software, and mountains of deliverability and ISP data to bear on your list. 

I’ve rescued millions of dollars in lost profits for A-List clients quickly. And I keep getting my clients‘ emails to the inbox month after month.

The Chris Lang Story…

In the early 2000s I was an SEO guy and I used Social Networks to get top Google rankings. Back then if you wanted to bury your competition with top Google rankings, you wanted me showing you how to get there. A real hands-on guy, I took Google algos, tore them apart and put clients in the top positions.

The big SEO firms started calling me an expert. I was getting the big Joint Ventures and my own list was blowing up. So what could go wrong? Suddenly, in September, 2008, Trend Micro listed my site as a “phishing site” even though it was not. In fact they later called it a “false positive.” The damage to my business was devastating and instant.

Just like that the sales STOPPED! My emails that I’d been sending to my opted-in subscribers, once my lifeblood, were buried and hidden away in my subscribers’ spam folder.

Most businesses would have been dead. But not mine. Instead of taking the easy way out and changing domains, I decided this would never happen to me ever again, and not to anyone else I knew either.

So, I spent the next seven years, driven to know everything I could about email delivery.

Then in 2015 the phone rang; it was Marc Goldman, the old school email master. In short order, I found myself working for guys like Russell Brunson, and killing it in the Inbox. Marc and I built Send13, our email platform, and then Klean13, our list cleaning service. And we’ve worked on those projects together, keeping our clients’ email messages going safely into their subscribers’ inboxes ever since.

What Do The Big Email List Owners Do When They Get Stuck in The Promotion Tab or Spam?

They call Chris Lang.

Each business and email setup is different. From my unique understanding and decades of experience with hundreds of millions of monthly emails, I analyze every angle possible to increase email delivery and engagement. I subscribe to your lists and dig deeply into everything you have, from both the perspective of your subscribers and the machines you are sending your emails to and from.

No matter what you are doing, selling, promoting, or if you are just driving traffic to great content, I will always uncover the hidden problems and fix them. Things like unsecured servers and hacked sites you forgot about.

Email deliverability is a serious, specialized profession.

Very few people in the world are experienced enough to get fast, lasting results. It is not something you hire out to pseudo experts or leave to someone in house who isn’t following up-to-the-minute trends. Do what you’d do anywhere else in your business when millions in profit are at stake. Hire a pro.

"There are about three people that I would use the word 'genius' to describe. Chris Lang is one of those individuals." ~Chris Brewer, DotCom Secrets Local

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